“Things Jiu-jitsu players say while they are Rolling!”

Things Jiu jitsu players say while they are Rolling!

One of my pet peeves is when students here in our Arlington Jiu Jitsu gym are have a full conversation while we are drilling moves. Even more aggravating is when they are talking while they are rolling.

I have been listening more lately because I have been rolling intermittently, trying to heal my shoulder, and for some reason, I have had a heightened sensitivity to conversations going on while students are rolling.

Am I the only one who is bothered by this? I would be curious to hear some of the things you hear. Below are some of my examples.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, That is o.k. it was my fault, no, no, it was mine, I’m sorry!” My response: So you guys made up I can see, now you can start rolling again.

“You can’t grab inside my Gi, that is illegal.” My response: It’s legal in my class.

“Yea, that was so funny, I couldn’t believe it when….” My response: You guys talking about Jiu-jitsu?

“O.k. o.k., you got it, you got it.” (Student referring to a partner who was about to put an arm bar on) My response: No, no, no, keeping going he/she doesn’t have anything yet and I didn’t see you tap!

“What’s that on your arm, is that ringworm?” My response: Get off the mat!

“Pat is so old” My response: What happened the last time we rolled?



– 3rd Degree Black Belt – Acton Instructor

Our jiu jitsu Arlington gym has a really tight knit culture.  Funny sayings like these happen everyday at our gym, especially with our kids jiu jitsu! Stop in to see for yourself!