Fundraising Seminar Recap

Thanks to everyone that came out or donated in and effort to raise some money to help finance the new mats needed for the move to 26 Mass Ave in Arlington. I hope you all have had a chance to try out the awesome techniques Jay and Tad shared and I can’t thank them enough for taking the time to come down and help our the school.

The move is hopefully happening in a few weeks so stay tuned for more details and how you can help! You guys are going to be blown away with the details of the new location and I’m very excited to share this with you!

Check out the pictures from the event: Jay and Tad Seminar Pictures

See you on the mat!




Build a System First Then Find Your Own Game

System: An aggregate of offensive and defensive techniques from your hands to your feet and applying these techniques starting from a standing position to your first position on the ground.

When I was 12 years old I took guitar lessons. My teacher taught in a very ordered manner. He stressed that you must have discipline to learn the lessons of music theory first (Imagine that!). I just wanted to play like Eddie Van Halen. Show me how to play Eruption! I thought, if I can learn Eruption, I will be a good guitar player. My teacher would have none of that. He knew if he taught me this it would be meaningless and would just satisfy me in the moment.

He always drilled the “caged system” as he would call it, “See, you can play “A” major chord starting here, then here, and here; they are all “A” chords, but they have different shapes. You just need to know how to play the major chord then learn to find the same chord up and down the neck.” He would show me a few and then say, “You find the next one on your own, then find which one you like to play.” I thought many times, “I know my chords let’s move on!” I couldn’t understand or appreciate these lessons until I was older. I eventually realized that I was completely wrong and didn’t recognize the value of what he was trying to teach me by just showing me the depth in one single chord.

You all know what I am getting at here. Sometimes I feel guilty that I do not show the latest fancy techniques, but then I quickly remember why I don’t and what I believe in. I can tell when someone hasn’t developed a system or flow or when they are on their feet they do not know what to do. They get lost, play catch as catch can, or try moves that just don’t make sense. The problem is that too many students never have the patience to learn the system first, especially on their feet. They get to a certain level and then they start copying. How can you learn a system if you are always copying the best moves of the best players?

My job is to teach a system and build confidence in students so they have something to build on, both on their feet as well as on the ground. If you can be disciplined to build this system first, going out of the box and getting creative with your game is going to be so much more effective. Jiu-jitsu is constantly evolving and this is good, but that doesn’t mean you forget what is important.

When you have done this hard work, then it is time for you to find your own game!


Event Reminder: Sat Jan 10th Arlington Seminar 11-1pm and Holiday Party 6-10pm

  • This Saturday Jan 10th 2015 in Arlington, we are having our Fund Raising Seminar 11am-1pm to help out with the costs of moving the school. Jay Mansfield and Tadashi Takashima will be teaching their best stuff so don’t miss it! We are suggesting a $20 donation but more or less is perfectly acceptable.
  • Also on Jan 10th from 6-10pm we are having our Holiday Party at Wedgewood Pines Country Club in Stow, MA. This is a catered event and will be $20 for Adults. Kids under 12 are free. Please sign up at the front desk! Hope to see everyone there to celebrate an awesome 2014 and ring in 2015 together!

MassBJJ-Arlington’s New Location coming Feb 2015!

Coming Feb 2015 MassBJJ-Arlington will be at 26 Mass Ave in Arlington, MA. Stay tuned as the space is being custom built! Here’s a shot of the new exterior paint!mass bjj

In-House Recap and Belt Promotion From Acton Jiu Jitsu

In-House BJJ Recap:

Great job everyone yesterday at the BJJ In-House tournament in Acton. Competition fuels motivation, motivation fuels dedication, dedication fuels improvement! These BJJ tournaments are meant to do nothing more than provide an environment of stress for your skills and see how you handle it. I equate these tournaments to a financial stress test of a bank. Does the system hold up under pressure? Does your jiu-jitsu hold up under pressure? If not, there needs to be some reflection and organized assessment prior to establishing a game plan to fix the system.

If you competed, try and reflect on the experience and pick a few SPECIFIC things to work on. Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to fix too many problems at once, as it’s better to fix one issue permanently then fix several issues temporarily. This event is nothing more than to make our team technically stronger as a whole. Remember, iron sharpens iron!

Make sure you respect your opponents, as you can not be taken to your full potential without them. They are one of the most important ingredients to success. In this case, your opponent is also your teammate, build relationships and help each other improve. I always say at some point in your training you are going to need to take responsibility for yourself and what it is you need to improve on. Our BJJ and MMA gym in Arlington & Acton are full of people looking to help, so speak up if you have questions!

MassBJJ is more than just 1 man, and nothing could have been accomplished yesterday without all of the amazing people who helped out. From the check in and weigh in process to the brackets and reffing, everyone did great! Each event we get better and better and are planning our next one for around April/May in Arlington. Stay tuned.


Congrats to the 4 new blue belts in BJJ Arlington who were promoted right before the competition began! They were definitely caught by surprise being promoted right after the rules meeting! These guys performed beautifully wearing their new belts and their promotion was more than well deserved. Now all the upper level belts can sleep a little better knowing these guys no longer are wearing white belts!

With all that said, SEE YOU ON THE MAT!

Here are some pictures of the belt promotion.

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BJJ In-House Tournament in Acton Tomorrow, Sat Dec 6th!

The year end In-house tournament will be held on 12/6/2014 at our Acton Location! There will be no classes in Arlington on this day.
bjj in acton








  • Weigh ins between 10-11am and we will start soon after 11am!
  • Double Elimination
  • $20 to enter
  • Kid’s, Women’s and Men’s Divisions

Let’s have some fun and challenge each other on the wrestling mat!!

Email with questions.

BJJ 3 Quotes to Inspire

I’m a big fan of motivational quotes. These are 3 of my favorites:

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard to find alloy called guts.”
-Dan Gable

“One of my first lessons as a coach was that talent is everywhere, but a winning attitude is not.”
– Dan Gable

“Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.”
– Vince Lombardi

Kids BJJ Promotion 11/4/2014!

Kids Jiu Jitsu in Arlington & Acton

Congrats to Elijah, Nathan, Nia and Matt for their well deserved promotion to Grey Belt! These kids are dedicated, motivated, and great to have on the mat! I have very high expectations for my kids program, and these kids have exceeded my expectations and help set the tone for the kids that will come after them.

I teach the kids: Practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect! These 4 students will be great leaders one day in the real world, which is what it’s all about. Congrats everyone!


P.S. Don’t mess with these kids, Click Here! to see why.


Why Do You Do Jiu-Jitsu?

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It’s funny how jiu-jitsu is a metaphor for many other things in life.

Case in point: many years ago, I interviewed for a job reporting to the president of a small college.  It was a newly created role that would work on the strategic projects and act as a liaison to the existing vice presidents.  Everything was going well until I asked about the president’s management style.

The recruiter took a long deep breath.  “She’s brilliant. But she’s been described as…demanding and unpredictable.  To be successful in this role, a person will need to be very diplomatic.”

“I see, “ I said.  “And how do the president’s existing staff feel about this new role coming on?”

“They actually welcome it,” the recruiter said, tugging on her pearls. “They are eager to have a bit of a buffer between them and the president.”

Despite the HR political correctness, the recruiter’s message was clear: this is a turd I cannot shine.  Run.  Run for your life.

And though my rational brain knew this job would be a nightmare, there was a twisted, masochistic part of me that said: Crazy boss? Constant torment? Buckets of stress?  Sign me up!

That’s the same part of me that loves jiu-jitsu.

Here’s my theory: to do jiu-jitsu, you have to love a challenge.  A real challenge.  Not some quick, low-risk contest, like winning Words With Friends or eating 50 buffalo wings in under ten minutes.  You have to love a challenge enough to be willing to suffer for it. (OK, you might suffer a little with the buffalo wings, but it’s not the same.)  Jiu-jitsu is a long-term, high-risk commitment that tests your physical, mental and emotional fortitude.  You’ll find out exactly how much grit you have, and not everyone wants to know that about themselves. Jiu-jitsu players keep coming back because it is hard, and because every class is another chance to get it right.

Think about it: what went through your head when you first learned what jiu-jitsu was all about?  That it would be like playing Twister, but with someone trying to choke you? That you’ll be exhausted and your classmates will drip sweat on you? That the techniques are complicated and you’ll often struggle to do them right? That it will take years of dedicated effort before you get any good?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Arlington

Did you say, sign me up?  If you’re reading this, I bet you did.


Contributed by Andrea Sexton, 3 stripe white belt BJJ in Arlington, MA

jiu jitsu arlington

Acton Jiu Jitsu In-House Tournament 7/26/14

In House Tournament for Jiu Jitsu in Acton

In-house Jiu Jitsu tournament this coming weekend 7/26/2014 at our Acton Location!T here will be no Jiu Jitsu classes in Acton on this day.

  • Weigh ins between 10-11am and we will start soon after 11am!
  • Double Elimination
  • $20 to enter
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu, Women’s,and Men’s BJJ Divisions

jiu jitsu acton











Come support our local athletes in Jiu Jitsu in Acton and cheer each other on!!

See you on the BJJ mat,